“The job’s not done till it’s delivered!” And Image Corp has the capabilities to make that happen. We can provide bulk distribution to a single location, customized mailings to target specific customers or prospects, and everything in between. Whether you need one shipment to a single warehouse or merged data mailings on a regular schedule, we have the expertise to handle it. Working with the leading parcel carriers, freight lines, and international forwarders, we can get your product where it needs to be and when it needs to be there.

How long will it take to produce an order?
What can be done to decrease the number of days to complete an order?
What method will be used to produce the discs?
What components are necessary to submit an order?
Why are written instructions necessary?
When will production begin?
Can I make changes to my order once it is submitted?
Can an order be canceled?
What are the standard payment terms?
Haw are orders shipped?
Will master content be returned?
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