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DVD and CD Replication Service

Frequently asked questions

  • How long will it take to produce an order?

    Production times vary with the type of product and production workload, but below are the standard turnaround times that we follow.


    • Short runs (100–500 pieces): 5–7 business* days
    • Full runs (1000–5000 pieces): 10–15 business days
    • Large or specialty orders (More than 5000 pieces, multi-disc sets, unique packaging): Production times vary.   Your sales rep will review the order requirements and provide you with an expected completion date at the time of your order.
    • Paper print only (books, flyers, serialized or merged-date print, etc.): 3–15 business days


    Bulk-packaged discs, generally known as spindled discs, and re-orders of previously produced projects may not require as many days, however, your sales representative can provide a more accurate delivery date at the time of your order.


    * Business days do not include weekends and holidays.


  • What can be done to decrease the number of days to complete an order?

    Because production times will vary throughout the year due to seasonal variation as well as our production schedule at the time you place your order, we strongly recommend that you plan your order to allow sufficient time for us to complete it by your required date. Your sales representative will be happy to discuss your specific needs and deadlines and advise you on the most effective and time-efficient way of producing your project.

    Rush orders can be accommodated, but will depend on current production levels and may be subject to a rush fee. Due to the nature of manufacturing, we can’t guarantee a completion date on a rush order, but we’ll always try to hit your deadline.

  • What method will be used to produce the discs?

    Image Corp provides both duplicated (“burned”) discs and replicated (molded) discs, depending upon factors that include order quantity, requested delivery date, and labeling requirements.

    • The minimum for CD or DVD replication is 1000 pieces. Orders under 1000 will usually be duplicated.
    • Please note that for duplicated discs, label options include black thermal print on silver or white surface media, a color gloss-paper label, color thermal print, or silkscreen. Print options for replicated discs are silkscreen or offset print. Your sales representative can review options and costs to allow you to determine the best method for your project.


    What's the difference?



    Media replication is a manufacturing process that uses plastic and metal raw materials in equipment that “presses” discs from a stamper; also called molding. Retail packaged discs are manufactured using the Replication process. Usually, replication is done in larger quantities (1,000 and up is often most cost-effective for larger orders) and the on-disc printing is done with an offset or silk-screen for the highest quality.


    Media duplication uses a laser etching process to “burn” the data on pre-manufactured recordable media. This process is very similar to duplicating a single disc on your own computer, however, Image Corp uses high speed, multi-drive duplication equipment to produce a large quantity of copies very quickly. Typically, duplication is done in smaller quantities to keep the per-unit cost lower while offering several different labeling options.


  • What components are necessary to submit an order?

    1. Your master disc: It is best if you can provide a physical master disc. This allows our staff to do quality checks on the content upon receipt, to help ensure that the finished product matches the original master content.

      However, we can also accept electronic master content via file transfer or on portable storage media. Please note that if the master is submitted electronically, a “check disc” will be sent to you for review prior to duplication or replication. Once reviewed we will need your written approval and authorization to proceed. Your written approval and authorization to proceed for each master is required before we can begin production.

      Make sure that master disc is set up exactly as you want the final content to appear. We do not make any changes to the content or format of your master data, and the finished discs will have the same content and functionality as your master.

    2. Your artwork: To expedite your order, we recommend that you send your artwork electronically via e-mail or a file transfer application. We have templates on our web site, under the Artwork Templates heading that can be used to fit your design to our production requirements. The template page also includes layouts for collateral material such as case wraps, inserts, booklets, etc., to complete the product packaging. Please be sure to stay within the limits of the templates to ensure that the final product meets your expectations. Within 2 business days, you’ll receive a digital (pdf) proof of all the artwork you’ve submitted. Your written approval and authorization to proceed for each item of artwork is required before we can begin production. If you require print sample proofs, please discuss this with your sales representative.

    3. A Purchase Order or Production Statement: If your organization uses purchase orders, please submit this along with the master(s) and artwork. We will need detailed instructions for quantity, description, collateral print, assembly, etc., in order to process your request. If there are any questions a sales representative will contact you. If you do not use purchase orders, please submit a detailed description of your project requirements via e-mail.

    4. An Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) form: This form is located on the Image Corp web site Forms page. It is an industry-standard document required for every order to validate the ownership/licensing of the master content. Please complete the form and submit it along with your P.O., master(s), and artwork.
  • Why are written instructions necessary?

    To ensure accuracy it is best to have details of your project in writing directly from you. Your order will go through several departments during the manufacturing process and each one will need accurate information for each step in the process. We will convert your instructions into a production order in our plant, and any missing details may impact the timing or accuracy of your order. If we have any questions your sales representative will contact you before we begin.

  • When will production begin?

    Your order will go into production when we have your master, artwork, and paperwork, and your approvals of the check disc and/or art proofs. (see What components are necessary to submit an order?) Standard turn-times begin at this point.


    Orders and components received after 3pm or on the weekend will be processed the following business day.

  • Can I make changes to my order once it is submitted?

    Changes can be made until your order goes into actual production. You may change order specs (qty, requested delivery date, etc.), master(s) or artwork during this period. Once approvals have been submitted from you, any changes to master(s) or artwork will incur an additional cost to reproof or substitute a master. If production has begun and you need to make a change, you will incur a charge for all actual production completed.

    As with placing an order, any and all changes must be submitted in writing.

  • Can an order be canceled?

    Orders can be canceled at any point in the process, but you will be charged for any work that has already been done at the time of cancellation. Requests for cancellation must be submitted in writing.

  • What are the standard payment terms?

    For new customers, Image Corp requires payment of 50% of the total order cost at the time the order is submitted, with the balance due prior to shipment (we will include the shipping cost amount in the final balance). Organizations may submit a request for a line of credit. Please speak with your sales representative concerning this. Image Corp can accept payment by check or credit/purchasing card (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX).

  • Haw are orders shipped?

    Depending upon the quantity and packaging we will ship via parcel carrier, LTL, or truckload. We have daily pick ups with UPS and FedEx for both ground and express services. In addition we are able to offer competitive rates for LTL and T/L shipments. We can also ship using your organization’s parcel carrier account number or ship freight collect for LTL and T/L. Transit times will depend upon the carrier and method selected. Your sales representative can provide an estimated transit time for most shipment methodologies. (Please note that these are only estimates and actual transit times may vary depending upon a variety of circumstances and conditions.)

  • Will master content be returned?

    Masters can be returned upon request. Please include this request on your P.O. or production statement at the time of order.


    If you do not request return, we will retain the master and art in our library in the event you need to re-order. We retain masters and art for a period of five (5) years from the last active order for that item. If there is no further activity the master and art will be destroyed via industry-standard method for data confidentiality.

  • If you have additional questions…

    If you have a question that is not answered above, or simply need more information, please contact or us at 770-205-8236 or 800-339-7616. One of our representative will be delighted to speak with you about your project.

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DVD and CD Replication Service

Strategic Partner

DVD and CD Replication Service

DVD and CD Replication Service

DVD and CD Replication Service